Pre-Primary Programme

At TPGS, the Pre-Primary experiences are planned keeping in mind that the first five years in a child’s life is crucial since the rate of development in these years is more rapid than any other stage of development. In addition to development of intelligence, personality and social behaviour, the children are assisted to gain confidence and assert themselves. The school works on their curiosity as it is at its maximum and children learn to explore, enquire and discover their surroundings. We understand the language of kids and base our subjects easy tutoring.

The ‘Thematic teaching’ and ‘play – way’ methods are aimed at customized education towards each child’s capability. The spacious classrooms enables various learning aids like Audio – Visual content, demonstrations, simulations, rhymes, etc. The eco-friendly atmosphere in and around the school, various theme based activities such as talk shows, conceptual rendering, frequent field trips and celebrations ensure holistic development of children by comprehensively addressing their needs for care, health, nutrition and well being. The developmental programs work as a support to parents. Our caring facilitators work closely with parents and counsel them towards more meaningful bringing – up of their child even at home. Field trips to reinforce classroom experiences are planned regularly.

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